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Historically, UK Property Investment has been centred around the desirable London hotspot. Whilst our bustling capital has long outperformed other areas of the UK, recent projections have shown that provincial markets may well yield a greater return over the coming years.

Certainly in the Gloucestershire property market, we are continuing to see evidence appearing to show that the South of England is nearly on par with London in terms of property investment capital growth predictions. This view is echoed by Savills in their five year forecast of house prices, which shows the Wider South of England close behind inner-city London.

With the average cost of a home in London being close to £500,000, property prices in the South of England – where the average is just over half that – are proving to be a more enticing investment opportunity for those who wish to buy-to-let. With this form of investment in the UK property market, rental yields will be substantially higher and it provides a better ‘entry-level’ alternative.

With the market pointing very much in the favour of this option, we have been exploiting the current market conditions which we believe will be to the benefit of our clients – old and new. This has also been reinforced by an article in The Telegraph, where Nina Skero, a CEBR economist said, “A potential mansion tax, reduced overseas interest and hefty new stamp duty rates have hit demand for high value property [in London].” Consequently this had led to gradual increases in house prices in the rest of the UK – particularly in the South of England.

This is a topic we often raise with our clients, and have helped a number of investors access the potential returns of the UK Property Market. We welcome the opportunity to discuss this further with anyone who wishes to invest in property in the UK. To find out more, you can get in touch by visiting our contact page.